Roasted Tomato (vv, gf)...3 / 5
Smooth Cauliflower (v, gf)...3 / 5
loaded with bacon, scallion, cheese, sour cream, crispy brussels (gf)...+2


add grilled chicken breast...+4
Simple Salad (vv, gf)  
baby greens, radish, pickled onion, sweet 100 tomatoes, roasted sunflower seeds, sherry vinaigrette...7
Little Gem Salad (vv, gf)  
avocado goddess, persimmon, pomegranate, pepitas...10
Roasted Chicken Salad (gf)  
honey-dijon, bacon, parsley, avocado, celery, onion, grapes, pickled mustard seeds...9
make it a sandwich...+2
Sweet Potato Taco Salad (v, vvo) $10
walnut taco "meat", spiced sweet potato, sharp cheddar, shredded cabbage, pineapple pico de gallo, crema, cilantro...13
Cobb Salad (gf) $10
shredded romaine, grilled chicken, grape tomato, cucumber, hard boiled egg, bleu cheese, green onion, avocado, bacon, buttermilk dressing...12


Served with baby greens, radish, pickled onion, sherry viniagrette or buttermilk ranch
Sub frites, no charge.

Hot Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese (v)  
house blend of cheese, butter, sourdough...6
add tomato soup (vv, gf)...+2
Veggie Shawarma (vv)  
grilled & marinated cauliflower, hummus, pickled veggies, cashew-tahini dressing, grilled naan bread...10
The Reunion  
buttermilk fried chicken thigh, deviled egg salad, chopped pickles, pickled onion, brioche bun...11
The Chi-Town $10
shaved beef tongue, giardiniera, preserved peppers, French onion jus...12
Press-trami $10
smoked brisket, kraut, Swiss, 1000 island, marble rye...12
NY style - 1# of meat...+6
BBQ-Basted Veggie Burger (v)  
white cheddar, hickory BBQ sauce, fried onions, pickles, aioli*...13
Pressroom Burger $10
white cheddar, smoked bacon, house mayo*, tallow brioche bun...13

Cold Sandwiches

Egg Salad Tartine (v)  
local eggs, honey dijon, chives, pickled onion, butter lettuce, dill pickle...8
Autumn Turkey Sandwich  
cream cheese, cranberry, butter lettuce, pesto aioli*, bacon, seeded bread...9
Knuckle Sandwich  
Maine lobster, celery, shredded lettuce, brioche, pink peppercorn, Old Bay mayo*, served open-face...20


Roasted Beets (v, gf)  
whipped sheep feta, spiced crispies, maple-chamomile viniagrette...10
Antipasto Bowl (gf)  
pesto-marinated chickpeas, provolone, salami, pepperoncini, preserved peppers, olives, chopped romaine...13
Sushi Bowl (gf)  
sweet rice, steelhead trout, scallion, sesame, seaweed, shaved cabbage, smoked trout roe, pickled veggies...15

Just for the Kids

Kid's Grilled Cheese...5  
Kid's Burger...5